Tips for Creating a Cozy Home

It doesn’t take too much to make your home comfortable and inviting. Doing little things as switching to soft, warm lights or stashing slippers by the entry door can go a long way in turning your home into a paradise. Even if you’re a minimalist, these cozy home ideas should help you create cozy living spaces without bringing in too much “crap.”

Choose a warm paint color

If you want to make your home feel warm, then go for warm pints. Gray is naturally cool, but there are several other choices for you, including satin sheen or eggshell.


Wood makes a room feel warm instantly. Even if it just a hint, wood elements like wood shelving or accents like trays, bowls, and pedestals, hardwood floors, and wood furniture like a coffee table or dresser can create a cozy home instantly.

Brighten up your window treatments

Consider trading your old and outdated sheer linen curtains for velvet drapes or heavier curtains boasting thermal lining. On top of making your room feel cozy and warm, they insulate your rooms from cold air.

Add cozy antiques

Incorporate antique wood furniture, ceiling beams, hardwood floors, and gauzy tie-back curtains to add an easy-on-the-eye ambiance to any room. Homey chandeliers and lampshades with exotic bulbs will create a serene and inviting living room.

It’s never easy striking the much-needed balance of a cozy home. It requires careful thought and planning and often not overlooking the obvious.

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